Optimal Take The Heat Out Of Energy Monitoring

Optimal Monitoring provide the complete solution.

With Optimal Monitoring’s cloud-based energy and waste reporting software, organisations are equipped with all the information they need to reduce waste, carbon consumption and operating costs enabling them to meet their corporate and social responsibilities.

The Optimal Monitoring Carbon Management Platform is already used at over 1,500 locations and processing data from over 27,000 data points in real time for private and public sector companies.

Action rather than administration.

Optimal Monitoring stand out in their field by providing accurate and highly efficient monitoring of data, an environmental reporting platform tailored in a bespoke format to a client’s preference and software tools that are user– friendly and quickly accessible.

With Optimal, businesses free up time for action rather than administration and through increased energy awareness, pinpoint areas for energy savings, control operating expenditure and make direct financial gains.

Optimal Monitoring’s cloud based software solution provides customers with automated monitoring and collection of data from many disparate sources. Aggregated and uploaded on to the Optimal Platform, data is instantly and readily available as operational, actionable information encompassing all things utility and waste related.

A client-led focus puts the user in control.  

The key to Optimal Monitoring’s platform is found in the simplicity of use and client- led focus. Information is delivered automatically by email at a schedule to suit, represented as cost, carbon and consumption and measured against various target metrics, in any number of user-selected formats. Additional information can be manually added such as consumables and travel. Users are in control – with the ability to push relevant information to anyone who needs it, in a way that is relevant to them.

Optimal have developed their software tools to be customer- friendly with ease of use and accessibility a prime focus. Customers can view clear, real –time information on carbon and energy, waste and cost, via push reports and dashboard displays. A simple user –interface allows the collection of data to be tailored to not just the business but also the individuals within the business, whatever the size or industry. Energy resources across one site or many can be recorded, or data targeted to a specific room or piece of machinery. Users can combine this information with operational data to monitor for example, production efficiency and energy per person.

Benefits of Optimal Monitoring

The Optimal Monitoring Software solution benefits customers by allowing them to view real time operational energy data and to compare and contrast information in order to highlight areas of inefficiency and misuse. Customers can address energy wastage and inappropriate expenditure across the board whether from lights or water usage, heating systems or machinery and take remedial action with the additional reassurance of having automatic alarms in place for power or equipment failure.  Companies can encourage behavioural change, incentivise and educate based on real and accurate information and provide clear, measurable goals to reduce the corporate carbon footprint.

Optimal Monitoring offer a cost effective, easy to install and user-friendly energy saving solution.  With in-depth industry experience and understanding, they work with clients across the board from blue chip companies and manufacturers to school, hospitals and councils. Fully accredited, Optimal work with their business partners to offer a professional and dedicated service with high-level support and advice offered at every stage.