Optimal Monitoring in the News! The carbon reporting legislation debate

Energy ManagementThis week, the Telegraph announced that a group of eight senior businessmen from companies such as Unilever and Philips Electronics had approached the Prime Minister regarding the confusion over UK carbon legislation and the unclear guidelines set for businesses. The warning was given to the government that failure to comply with policies poses the risk of damaging the economic recovery.

Considering Optimal Monitoring’s recent identical commentary in the media, our MD – Duncan Everett – felt compelled to join the debate and so contacted Energy Management Online, an authoritative industry publication.

In response to the business leaders’ comments, Duncan insisted in a recent article on Energy Management Online that it is time for the government to re-think its approach to carbon legislation and finally stick to the initiatives it has put in place.

As Duncan explains, UK businesses are facing difficulties in constantly having to alter their activities to ensure they meet government legislations. For instance, there are numerous carbon targets for businesses that the government is continually changing and adapting – a prime example being the CRC scheme which hadn’t even lasted untouched for a year before the conditions were recently changed, resulting in those who had invested in smart meters and the associated internal reporting processes not receiving the repayment initially promised.

For Duncan’s full commentary on the current state of UK carbon legislation, click here to read the full Energy Management article or alternatively download our detailed guide here to learn more about current UK carbon legislation, the failings so far and potential solutions.