Optimal Monitoring in the News! Efficient Energy

ArticleThe new UK Energy Bill has been announced and with it a lot of criticism!

Efficient Energy have commented on the new Bill, addressing key areas of concern such as the obvious lack of framework to meet the UK’s long term energy demands and failure to resolve growing tensions between government and industry.

“The Bill tries to tackle how the nation’s electricity infrastructure will be improved over the coming years — Energy Secretary Ed Davey has to balance the need to invest in new generating capacity with commitments to a low carbon future.”

Considering how vocal our MD has been about the Government and their ever-changing decisions where energy is concerned, it was only appropriate he got involved in this debate, and Efficient Energy agreed.

Duncan is joined by several industry experts, including professors at Warwick Global Energy, who are all voicing their concerns that the new Bill will only complicate matters further as the Government aims to become the ‘greenest government ever’. With focus on decarbonising electricity – the government is missing the bigger picture!

Duncan explains this latest indecision by the government over energy means that we are facing years of massive price increases through continued reliance on high cost gas imports. Energy companies are unlikely to make the infrastructure investment needed, when they can continue to generate electricity using existing infrastructure, without penalty. Continued high demand from the electricity generators causes corporate heating bills to continue to rise, and the government’s head seems firmly in the sand. The only real solution for UK business is to abandon its strategy of waiting for the government to make up its mind and start reducing its reliance on grid energy by using less through greater energy efficiency.

It is time for a behaviour change.

To read the full article and Duncan’s contribution to the topical discussion, click here.