Optimal Monitoring in the News! EDIE

Article (1)Deadlines are looming… Not for completing Christmas shopping, but for companies to reach their targets for green legislation and energy management.

Corporate sustainability magazine, EDIE (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange), which is read by over 140,000 subscribers, requested an article from Duncan on how the UK government, especially now that there is a new Energy Minister, has to set down green measures for UK companies which reward performance – and stick to them.

Currently, the UK risks becoming a global laughing stock as internationally-agreed targets are being missed, and in most instances ignored.

To turn this around, government must appeal to individual budgets to proactively reduce consumption, even if that upsets the all-mighty energy suppliers. In reality, the Government has to date done little but create apathy towards looming energy targets through legislative chaos and misdirection. Indeed with many early-adopters having seen their investments in green technology and measures not be rewarded as promised, many companies feel the only safe action is to take no action at all.

To read Duncan’s full article on EDIE on taking stock of climate change and what the priorities should be for the Government to make some firm decisions, click here.

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