Business Dynamics

Business Dynamics®


Energy isn’t an overhead. It’s a direct component of what you make or do. Wouldn’t it be good if you could measure it like that?

Well now you can.

Business puts energy into overheads because it just can’t measure how much each can manufactured or each passenger processed or whatever actually uses.  Optimal Monitoring’s Business Dynamics® changes that.  With Business Dynamics® you decide the key performance stat against you want to measure your energy consumption.

Our advanced monitoring & analytics then does all of the hard work for you, tells you how strong the correlation is between what you do and what you consume in power and even what the next period consumption per unit produced is likely to be.

Energy is a cost of sale, not an overhead

Or it would be if you could measure it accurately. With Optimal Business Dynamics® now you can.

We check that the output you are measuring is really driving energy consumption. A correlation co-efficient of 0.99 is a strong indicator that energy is dependant upon production here.

We also monitor the trend in the correlation over time, so if thing start to drift you can take action before it costs to an arm and a leg.  You can plan in Internationale when it suits you rather when it breaks.

It tells you what is good and what is bad

Now we can predict what you should be using for a defined output and if your not,  automatically alert you, so you can take action,  while the problem is still fresh in your mind.

What does the future hold

We look at trends and tell you where you are likely to be in the next few hours.  This way you can react to avoid any unpleasantness in peek charges.

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