Mandatory Carbon Reporting – Opportunity for Accountants

e-bookIn June 2012, the UK coalition government announced the introduction of mandatory carbon reporting. This demands that, as from April 2013, the UK’s largest listed companies must report on their greenhouse gas emissions annually. This requirement is in addition to existing Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) reporting, a mandatory scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions in large public and private sector organisations.

Within our latest e-Book,

Most organisations, irrespective of their size, do not know where to start when it comes to monitoring their energy efficiency – even if they have installed energy-saving fixtures or equipment. Accountants are able not only to offer a differentiated, value-added service; they are also able to present the business with a new vehicle for cost cutting, since improving energy efficiency has direct cost-saving implications: music to the ears of any finance director!

Adding sustainability auditing or carbon accounting services to an accountant’s portfolio offers a means for them to get closer to customers, and to expand their role by offering critical new services. The more deeply an accountant becomes entrenched in a business, the more they can hone their services to meet the organisation’s specific needs, thereby increasing their value to the client.

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