Optimal Monitoring to exhibit ISBA Annual Conference

Optimal Monitoring are delighted to be attending the next Independent Schools Bursars Annual Conference as guests of partners SB Energy.

ESOS - Optimal Monitoring Launches Free Email Service On Savings

Helping unlock full efficiency savings at the heart of the ESOS scheme with free ESOS email advisory service.

Optimal Monitoring Announce up to £3000 EU Funds To Improve Energy Efficiency For South East Businesses

Optimal Monitoring has linked up with Ngage Solutions Ltd, both…
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Why an energy-wise office will turn a money pit into a money tree

With the Government trying to incentivise organizations to replace “inefficient kit with new kit” Optimal Monitoring believe businesses should remind themselves and their employees of other energy efficient measures that will open up cost savings.

ESOS Wake Up Call For UK Energy Management

ESOS Wake Up Call For UK Energy Management
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Why ESOS Cannot Do Without Detailed Monitoring

Be warned - the latest date to start measuring energy consumption…

ESOS - The Energy Data Clock is Ticking - Remember, Remember 5 December.....

The fundamental ESOS question UK businesses and organisations…

"The ESOS energy data clock is ticking" Click Green

Graham Boret, business development director at High Wycombe-based Optimal Monitoring discusses the advantages of the upcoming Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
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Optimal Takes The Energy Out of Energy Monitoring

As businesses and industry increasingly feel the heat from energy-related…

Alleviating the Stress of Data Collection and Analysis for Energy Managers

In this NEW video Duncan Everett, Managing Director of Optimal Monitoring, briefly discusses current state of legislative measures, how the Optimal energy and waste monitoring...