Virtual Energy Manager
Optimal Energy Manager

EMMA is our AI driven Energy Managers Marvellous Assistant . She will constantly look out of energy saving opportunities, and provide you with advice to help you realise those savings.

Optimal Virtual Energy Manager

Shaping the future

We are building an energy management solution driven by AI.  This will not just point out anomalies in use but also provide remedial solutions across all utilities.

We want to be sure that the interface and the customer journey are built in a manner that people like you can benefit from.  We are looking to get the input and opinions of practising energy managers as part of our beta process. There is no obligation to buy and this is not a sales pitch.  We genuinely just want your candid views on what would make your life easier and more productive.

If you would like to get involved and help shape the future of our energy management solution,  please register your interest below.

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