Anne Smithers - Head of The Astley Cooper School, Hemel Hempstead
Jane Jukes - School Business Manager, The Sele School, Hertford
Paul Biswell - Facilities Manager, The Astley Cooper School, Hemel Hampstead
Roy Evans - Hertfordshire Property Services

'Optimal was chosen to remotely monitor energy usage at the Chiltern District Council offices in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Live data on all gas, water and electricity meters, including sub-meters, can be downloaded via Optimal’s secure website, enabling the Council to closely monitor energy use and allow them to highlight areas where savings can be made.

This data, also available as a series of graphs, makes it easy to understand the workings of the building and to be able to share this information within the various Council departments. Optimal is accurate and easy to use and forms the key to complete desktop energy management here at Chiltern.'

Chiltern District Council
Installed Optimal in 2007

'Our school already had a strong commitment to energy saving and the installation of the metering system helped us to achieve further major savings. Monitoring gas, electricity and water usage in real time enabled us to identify specific problem areas so that we were able to time our boilers more effectively, reduce electrical usage and confirm a suspected water leak.

The savings made meant that the system paid for itself in under 12 months. By analysing the data we are able to adjust our systems to maximise efficiency, obtain accurate billing information and set future budgets without the usual guesswork. We now use the same data in the classroom as students are able to access the system themselves. This is the perfect teaching aid, allowing students to experience the results of their own energy saving initiatives. The Optimal team were helpful and efficient both during installation and after. Training on using the system was patient and thorough, with continuing support available whenever required.'

The Astley Cooper School
This school in Hemel Hempstead installed Optimal’s smart metering in 2007

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