Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Optimal is web-based. Is it secure?

A. Yes. Access to your system is password controlled and within your own system you can password-restrict access and levels of access.

Q. What about the administration involved? Do I need additional software to operate the Optimal system?

A. No, there is no additional software is required, nor will you have to make any changes to your existing back office systems. 

Q. Is it user-friendly?

A. Yes. We will give you training on how to use Optimal and will also show the administrator of your system how to set up utility profile parameters, alarm and message alerts. 

Q. How do I know Optimal is as good and reliable as you say – I only have your word for it?

A. A fair question. Look at the accreditations we have, as shown throughout this website. We would not be permitted to display these if we did not satisfy these respected bodies that we deliver what we promise. 

Q. Which web browsers are supported?

A.  Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

Q. Do I need any special equipment?

A. No, only data from utility providers and/or existing BMS

Q. How much will it cost?

A. We aim to achieve payback within a year, based on savings achieved. We would not knowingly provide a system which did not deliver this.

Q. Can the system be branded with our company logo?

A. Yes, you are able to brand the product with your own logos

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