An Introduction to the Optimal Monitoring Energy Management Software System


The Optimal Monitoring system is a web based energy management software solution which automates the collection of energy data from many disparate sources, and presents it as simple to understand actionable reporting. 

Data is automatically imported from many sources simultaneously, creating a single centralised reporting platform for all your energy and carbon reporting needs.  Possible data sources include; 

  • Utility Providers
  • Automatic Meter Readers (AMR / Smart meters)
  • Building Management systems
  • Dedicated data logging equipment
  • Waste management systems
  • Occupancy Monitoring systems
  • Printing systems 

In addition users can create their own data sources to input data manually, such as consumables, travel etc. 

Once in the system data can be inspected and manipulated, as consumption, cost and carbon, and output in automated, user defied reports,  reception displays and desktop gadgets.  

Reports and displays are created simply in just a few clicks.  Once created, the system will deliver them by email each day, week, month or year as required, automatically.

Automatic Reporting and logging

In addition to user access to data, reporting and alerting, the system utilises automated reports and operational processes to ensure consistent reporting with the necessary support services to assist end users in maintaining energy-efficient operations, with minimal impact on their day to day operations.

Clear and Immediate Information

No need to rely on in accessible, in accurate or out of date information. Optimal gives you live data from your chosen monitoring points – updated live, day and night - accessible via any web-linked computer, anywhere, any time and simultaneously by any number of authorised personnel.

Identifying waste and areas of cost saving

With Optimal information you can pinpoint areas of unusual or wasteful consumption and then take remedial action to reduce the level of utility usage, cutting your costs and reducing your carbon emissions.

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