Utility Management

Optimal will measure your utility consumption, show you the costs of this consumption and, where appropriate, your carbon emissions - 24/7 365 days a year.

Using the information

With the information gained from monitoring, measures can be introduced to make your utilities’ consumption more efficient and reduce costs. Typically, just monitoring and making minor adjustments brings down water, gas and electric consumption, and reduces total costs and emissions by 10%.

Precise Data

Optimal gives you precise data which you can use to check the accuracy of your utility bills. It is also possible with most utility companies for you to self-read your meters using Optimal and in many cases you will be able to negotiate a reduction in your standing charges because of this. We can even send your readings direct to the utility companies if you wish. You can also use the data produced by Optimal for budgeting purposes, so you can see whether your actual spend is in line with your forecasts.

Sub Metering

The ability to be able to monitor, measure and report individual areas of a site/building means utility costs can be further reduced. By submetering certain floors and areas of a building it becomes easier to identify areas of wastage and therefore effectively target and manage those areas that need the most improvement.

As well as improving energy management, sub metering will also aid landlords and property managers that own multi-tenanted buildings to bill their tenants for their individual measured utility usage.

A number of our clients have sub metered their sites and have been reaped the benefits of doing so. By measuring each floor on an individual basis they have been able to identify the most and least efficient floors and effectively manage the situation.

The Why, How & Who of Partnering with Optimal Monitoring

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