Other Applications

Refridgeration (food/medical)

Optimal monitoring provides live data, so that you can see immediately whether your refrigeration units are operating correctly, within safety guidelines, and mandatory legal requirements are met.

In the event of equipment or power supply problems, Optimal will:

Automatically send immediate emergency messages to maintenance and other key personnel, for them to take appropriate remedial action, thereby minimising the potential for spoilage, deterioration or contamination

Provide you with a complete historic record of faults and alarms and a full audit trail that can be used in any internal or external investigation


In addition to monitoring electricity, gas and oil consumption, with the data being shown in units of energy, true costs or CO2 emissions Optimal can:

  • Monitor water consumption, with the data displayed being shown in units of weight or true costs format
  • Identify water leaks
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements for the collection and reporting of data, such as the monitoring of water quality for Legionella Disease
  • Check chemical levels in swimming pools
  • Monitor refrigeration temperatures to comply with food hygiene regulations
  • Monitor boiler flow and return temperatures
  • Monitor current and voltage (3-phase supply balancing)
  • Monitor internal and external air temperatures
  • Steam pressure
  • Noise levels
  • Total power failure warning
Photograph supplied courtesy of the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, existing Optimal Monitoring clients

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