Why choose Optimal?

The system has 3 unique and attractive features.

  • Cost efficient – typically paying for itself within 6-12 months
  • Cheap and easy to install, with no disruption to day to day operations
  • Efficient, clean data on all utility and energy consumption allows the information to be used throughout your organisation.

Optimal has competitively tendered against other possible energy saving solutions in the past and has come out on top, winning contracts with a number of blue chip companies, typically due to the ease and cost effectiveness of retrofitting our system and the reliability of the data it produces.

Optimal Monitoring has received the backing, approval and support from a number of significant opinion and policy leaders such as the Energy Saving and Technology Association, and the Society of Information Technology Managers.

With energy costs rising and the constant desire for organisations to be seen to be reducing their carbon footprint, the Optimal Monitoring system is a cost efficient and effective system to help achieve this goal.

The Why, How & Who of Partnering with Optimal Monitoring

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