Optimal Platform V4.0.0 Released

Thu 28th June 2012

  • Home: New user interface
    Totally revised look and feel.
  • Home: New user interface
    Mixed graph styles, and user defined colours.
  • Home: New user interface
    Whole site selection.
  • Home: New user interface
    New bigger graph area.
  • Reporting: New Graph element
    Mix graph styles on a single element.
  • Reporting: New Graph element
    New graph styles added.
  • Dashboard: League Tables
    New simple league by KPI Option added.
  • Dashboard: Graph Update
    Cumulative output option.
  • Dashboard: Text Element
    New font options.
  • Reseller: Quote Tool
    Now on-line quote builder.
  • Reseller: Branding
    Reseller branding extended.
  • General: CO2
    Updated CO2 reporting to CO2e in line with DEFRA recommendations.
  • General: Ranges
    Finance year reporting option added.
  • General: Text
    New data format options added including relative dates and English date formats.

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