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Utility Monitoring

Your efforts are focused into achieving measurable results with rapid payback.

We help you identify waste so you use only the utilities you need.

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Experienced in Reducing Consumption

The Optimal system is developed to solve utility issues you face. We get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Trusted by Organisations

“I’d sooner spend the budget on having the Optimal Monitoring system than painting the floors, that can come later but knowing my energy costs in our production process is absolute priority”
Ronnie Wilson, Plant Manager Corrboard

“We had the visibility of our energy usage to ensure that our utility costs remained stable and we were able to manage the running of our facilities as economically as possible.”
John Hands, Engineering Systems Team Leader, Wincanton Corby

“We are now able to track half hourly online energy and water consumption, which has greatly helped us improve the environmental performance of these buildings”.
Tim Mockett - Impax Asset Management

“It’s a really useful tool to understand and manage consumption... Where we have real value is where we can see a problem and act on it, without getting a surprise weeks later in the invoicing”.
Richard Brent - Bursar, St Faiths Independent Prep. School.

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We believe in realising utility savings for our customers

We provide the tools to get information out of utility data, we specialise in the design, creation and delivery of Energy Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Software, ensuring our customers can make smarter decisions on how to reduce consumption without sacrificing quality.



We will ensure you understand your utility cost per unit and lead the way to reduction strategy.



We will ensure you deliver operating cost savings and benefit from a wealth of sector experience.


Facilities Management

We will help you increase contract profitability, by reducing operating costs and increasing gain share.


Other Sectors

If the solutions above don’t fit your needs we offer exact solutions to your requirements.

A quick tour of our utility monitoring solution

The Optimal Monitoring software is a web based energy monitoring and analytics solution, which automatically collects disparate data and produces simple to understand actionable reports.